Discover the Undiscovered

– The Mars team –
The Mars team is formed by a bunch of youngsters that are truthful to the products posted on our website. Our team strives for the best from our shopping experience and will only suggest you the best brand we have encountered.

We offer help in further understanding of the products if we get a chance to deliver in person (only available in Penang at the moment), including the usage and testing out our other products. Arrangement can be made with our team by emailing to or calling our hotline.
Why buy others? Buy from The Mars!

– The Mars product –

Most of the products were personally tested by our team and volunteers. Products with ‘verified’ were proven to be useful and recommended to our dearest customers.

Testing out new brands is our daily mission and have never been stopped because of the tight budget. Products tested out and posted are mainly catered for the Malaysia market based on our cultural and the weather. The quality of product is also proved to be excellent for money.

The Mars team mainly sources from Thailand, Japan, China, Indonesia and Vietnam for the best in pricing and quality.

– The Mars at Malaysia –

Headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, The Mars team was finally formed in November, 2015, after three months of testing out our first brand: skincare from Beauty Cottage, Thailand. We also present in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia sometimes for introduction of our products.


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